Your poker coach for free !

We offer a free online Poker coach to the Poker community !

This coach will help you to improve your game and get you to the winning side of Texas hold'em Poker.

In addition, we also provide an enhanced Coach Pro version to users with an account (No account yet ? Sign up !).

To get started, make sure you have Flash version 10 installed (it is recommended to restart your internet browser after the update) and click on "Launch coach".

Top-notch Artificial Intelligence

Our coach is based on a superior Artificial Intelligence that provides the best play advices.

Inspired by the result of over 10 years of research into poker Artificial Intelligence at the University of Alberta, our coach has been continuously improved since 2004.

In 2008 it became stronger than Poker Academy Pro 2, the leading commercial coach (see video left).

Why coaching based on Artificial Intelligence ?

Coaching based on artificial intelligence offers multiple benefits compared to human coaching:

  • Always the best play advice, not biased by mood or (im)patience
  • Available 24/7, always there when you want to improve your poker
  • Highly customized coaching, based on your full play history
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